Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mom Haircut.

So I got so sick of my hair and I decided to chop it off... and to avoid the mom haircut (as all short cuts can turn into) I went to this totally trendy place (that I felt completely out of place at). These are the results:

Monday, January 31, 2011

Christmas Eve!

Classic Christmas Eve ready for bed...

All the stocking are full...

Santa came, assembled toys, and passed out...
Brody and Ellie got some Christmas Jammies!

Grandma read 'Twas the Night Before Christmas'...

Count down to Christmas

We are almost ready for Christmas! Grandma and Grandpa Chaffin got here safely and now everyone is trying on the old santa hat...
Its Just Right on Jared (Santa).

It looks a little big for Brody...

Too Big for Ellies lil' head...

We watched all the christmas specials...

We put up Christmas tree #2 after the first one died...
Brody got ready to shovel with Dad...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Tree!

Jared buckled and let us get a real tree! It is so pretty with all our tacky ornaments on it.

Ellie wanted to help... so she tasted all the ornaments to make sure they were ready to hang.

We had to rearrange to fit it in our tiny living room.

The Polar Express!

Jared and Ellie being silly on the train.

Both kids were sick but it was totally fun anyway.

Brody just chillin on the Polar Express

Almost ready to board. "Lets go!"

Brody's favorite Engine.

The Ugliest... I mean, Awesomest Gingerbread House Ever!

It's really my fault. I decided not to spend the money on a premade kit. So we made all the parts by scratch and then used a tone of frosting trying to get it to stay together...
It ain't pretty but it tastes good.

The decorating team.

"Can I eat it now?"

Saying Goodbye to Fall...

Brody and his two buds Keagan and Jaden had an awesome time raking up the leaves into a neat pile and then destroying it. Super fun.
Here is Brody taking a cheap shot...

Here is the aftermath of the cheap shot.

Bring it on... not even protecting his face.

Buried in leaves.

Ellie's Sphaghetti Adventure

Ellie decided one night she wouldn't be fed anymore. She wanted to do it herself so,... I let her.... on spaghetti night. This is the aftermath:

"I've got it where?... Oh, in my hair."

"What are you lookin' at?"

"Ok, I am definately done."

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!!

Ellie was the cutes little pumpkin... she loved her costume and wanted to where the hat to bed.

The Trick or Treat Gang... they were die hard... we loaded them all in the van and drove throught the sleet and rain to "get them some candy". Then we gave up and came home to watch halloween specials, eat the candy, and the rain finally cleared up... wha, wha, wha!!!! Still a really fun time.

This is what happens to brody at bedtime (not just on halloween)... He becomes a bloodsucking monster.

Watch out, she's a maneater!

Just so cute... ready for the ward halloween party and walking all over the place!

Broken Thumb... what a worl' what a worl'!

So, if you know me well, you know I am not known for my gracefulness... but I have really outdone myself this time: while on a jog I tripped on a seam in the concrete and went down straight on the tip of my thumb breaking it in 3 places at the first joint, several hairline fractures at the second and also sprained at the base of the thumb... ugh! So now I have a deformed digit and will probably need to have a pin inserted in it so it will heal correctly. No fun.

So ridiculous!

I need a vacation!